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Foundation Repairs

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Centerline Foundation Repairs offers a number of services for homes and businesses.

Foundation Inspection

If you are building or purchasing a new home or commercial building, we offer foundation inspections to ensure the foundation is in good shape and no unexpected repairs will arise. We also offer inspections as a regular maintenance service to discover problems before they cause major damage.

Foundation Repair

Once a foundation becomes warped, cracked, or otherwise damaged, repairing it as soon as possible is crucial to avoiding other major home repairs. Centerline Foundation Repairstakes care of minor and major foundation issues. Whether we can make the repairs by entering your basement or we need to lift the house or building to make extensive repairs, you can rest assured your property is in good hands. No job is too difficult for our experienced construction experts.

Soil Stabilization

Underneath your foundation, the soil needs to sufficient, sturdy, and healthy to properly support the structure. We provide soil stabilization to help you avoid other foundation repairs, which involves altering the soils to enhance their physical properties. This process can increase the strength of soil and control the shrink and swell properties, which in turn improves load bearing capacity. We can stabilize soil on roadways, parking lots, site development sites, airports, and homes. We add a variety of substances to the soil as needed, including lime, fly-ash, and Portland cement.

Moisture Barriers

Moisture barriers are vertical layers of plastic buried in the ground. Water flows against the barrier and it is prevented from getting underneath a home. These barriers, installed by our Lafayette construction experts, prevent damage in any season from rainwater, soil shifting, leaky pipe moisture, and soil saturation in the winter.


Our Lafayette foundation contractors also provide underpinning for any type of foundation. Underpinning strengthens the foundation of an existing building if the original foundation was not strong or stable enough, the use of the structure has changes, or the soil properties have changed. This process is accomplished by extending the foundation in depth or width (breadth) so it rest on more supportive soil and distributes weight over a larger area. Micro-piles and jet grouting are two techniques we use to achieve adequate underpinning.

Pier & Beam

Centerline Foundation Repairs in Lafayette also provide pier and beam building and repair. This type of repair is generally quick and inexpensive. Using specialized equipment, we level the home with jack, block piers, and wood shims. Pier and beam repairs remedy a number of problems including sinking or bowing wooden floors, gaps between the walls and floor, cracks in sheetrock, and unlevel door frames.Type your paragraph here.