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Centerline Methods

Centerline Foundation Repairs has implemented and developed a number of foundation repair methods, especially for underpinning, combining traditional strategies with modern technology and using the most appropriate method for each job.

The Uretek Method

The URETEK Method solidifies and lifts foundations by increasing the bearing capacity of the subsurface soil. The process involves lifting the structure, adding density to the soil, and filling voids. Polyurethane foam is injected into the ground at the source of the problem.

Piers & Piling Method

There are a few method variations involving piers and piling, including the bell bottom pier, pressed piling, and steel piling method. The bell bottom pier method has several advantages—the size and depth of the bell and shaft are custom designed for your house, two layers of steel rebar are placed in the cap of pier, bell bottom piers anchor against uplift, and more. While the pressed piling method is quick, there are a number or risks associated with the technique, however, it can be appropriate based on the project budget and condition of the foundation. Our team can also work to improve or correct areas where such techniques have been used in the past.

Helical Piles

Helical piles, factory-manufactured steel foundation systems, consist of a central shaft with helix-shaped bearing plates and a bracket to attach to the structure. Helical piles are screwed into the ground with the application of torque for a very secure finished product.

Drilled Shaft Piers

Drilled shaft piers, also known as cement friction-based concrete piers, are used in foundations for bridges, tall buildings, and for structures in seismically active areas. They are also used occasionally when additions to existing structures are built. These piers can be sued in all types of soil and provide a cost effective alternative to other deep foundation systems.

Precast Concrete Segmental Pile

Segmental precise concrete piles consist of cylindrical segments with a length of 3 feet and a diameter of 6.1 inches. They are cast using steel fiber reinforced concrete. This underpinning method is often used in large commercial buildings with a few stories, such as libraries, government buildings, warehouses, and shopping centers.

Steel-Pipe Resistance Piles

Centerline Foundation Repair also uses steel-pipe resistance piles, which are composed of steel pipe with a diameter exceeding 300mm. If the steel pipe pile is filled with concrete and adhesion between steel and concrete is sufficient, the structure can be assessed as a composite structure. Other types of steel pipe pile are used according to the needs of the repair or construction project: unplugged opened-ended, plugged open-ended, closed with bottom plate, steel pipe pile with rock shoe, and concrete pile with steel casing.Type your paragraph here.